VR BOX Shinecon 3D


- Virtual Reality Headset for 360 viewing and gaming
- Radiation Protection
- Object Distance Adjustment
- Focal Distance Adjustment
- High-definition Optical Resin Lens


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Warranty extension from 12 to 24 month's

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Available Option

Ventilation Thermal Design can effectively alleviate the mobile heating problem

Elastic Band Design convenient to wear the 3D glasses on your head
adjustable elastic headband, for a variety of head type

Private Images / Theater, other people can not see anything except the wearer himself

Convenient to Use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing

Without Visual Fatigue and Dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens

Soft Elastic Head Bandage: The humanized design is convenient to wear the 3D glasses on your head

The specially designed lenses require no adjustment what so ever
compartment also big enough for most prescription glasses if needed

3D picture of the screen effect is pretty good, and you get awesome feelings

Flip cover design allows the phone to access freely with suction cups

Size: 20.00*10.00*14.00cm
Weight: 0.573g
Color: Black