What are Reward Program?

At Teknistore, the more you purchase, the more you earn! With our Reward Program, we remunerate our clients' dedication. Each dollar you spend at Teknistore procures you a Point, and the more Points you win, the greater the rebate you'll get on your future Teknistore buys.

You should do nothing more than sign in and purchase at Teknistore. That is it. You don't have to join and pay for any special program: simply complete an order and the points will consequently be added to your record. You can save your accumulated Points for up to 12 months before spending them, and you can spend them on any relevant item on Teknistore.

How i do earn points?

Points are credited to your account naturally for each effectively completed transaction. If you've requested and paid for anything on Teknistore, you've effectively earned Points. On each products page you can see how many Point you can get for purchase this product


each euro you spend (excluding shipping expenses) will gain you New Point. Points are extra focuses that save you significantly more on future buys! At checkout, simply redeem the points you have earned for further discounts.

As of now 1,00 Points is equivalent to EUR€ 0,10

(Your Points) x 0.10 = EUR€ Discount Value

How do i reclame Points? 

You can use your Points to buy anything you need in our store. For reclaim Points just go on your account and  click on "My Loyalty Point" and get generated voucher from your previous purchases

Do my Points expire?

Your unused Points will expires in 12 months. 

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