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Buy on teknistore.com means being able to choose from the comfort of home and at any time , from a wide range of selected products and exclusive direct from the manufacturer and then at factory prices .

Our goal is clear: to reserve you the best selection of products at the best price !

teknistore.com is a company that has managed to fit in a short time , in a highly competitive industry such as online sales. As our customer, you can find what you want online at all times and always discover new products, also you can always count the support of our staff via email or conveniently online through live chat support , you can ask for information , insights and curiosity, also what it differs from the classical static shop is our closeness and touch in real time , as if you really could guide your purchase in an actual store .

Our portal is intended to be marketed throughout the European market , we rely on the support of many retailers who have chosen teknistore.com for the resale of hi-tech products .

teknistore.com proposes "also" as a market place both Business to Consumer (B2C ) and Business-to- Business (B2B ), our mission is ' to provide a platform for trade in which everyone can buy almost anything worldwide . We offer a variety of training tools , features and services that allow users to purchase on the site quickly, safely and conveniently.

But what does B2C and B2B ?

  • Business to consumer (B2C) in which one or more companies offer catalogs of products to the community of visitors , this type of marketplace reminiscent of the big shopping malls ( Mall ) . Unlike the previous type , here users have higher guarantees , backed by secure payment systems and quality certifications .

  • Business to business (B2B) this type of marketplace is designed to bring together manufacturing companies or industrial and commercial companies . The merchandise is typically treated for stocks, but on teknistore.com can get wholesale prices even on small orders ( also on 1 piece) . It is the main alternative channel for international trade transactions .

teknistore.com on other words it is a " MarketPlace " - which in English means " market place " - that is an online marketplace where goods are grouped by different vendors , factories and / or different websites.

Our Commitment:

The choice of the highest quality products at the best price!

All products offered on our site have been selected to ensure the best quality at the best price . Our products are tested and selected to ensure perfect operation , all at prices simply can not be beaten .




Breadth and depth of range !

constantly updated through daily contact with the best technology manufacturers on the market. Our presence at the place of production and the direct dialogue with manufacturers is what sets us apart from traditional platforms to resell online.




Always at your service and listening!

To place an order or just to get information about your order, our customer service team is at your disposal , as there may offer some answers fast, clear and relevant. The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. The online chat in Italian and English will allow anyone to be able to buy directly from the factory, as if you were here with us.

Secure payments!

Safety is our top priority . All transactions on our site are secured by the SSL secured payment system . Payments by credit card, passing on the server of our bank in an absolutely safe . Encryption of information, which takes place through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures the protection of data and transactions . Payment by credit card is the most simple and fast , but we also offer other payment methods to simplify your purchase including payment by Paypal , Paypal Express, Bank Transfer , Credit Card , Western Union.


Our distinctive features are:

Great attention to customer needs; evidenced by the creation of an internal Care Team , consisting of product specialists , who can be contacted via phone, chat , or e-mail in a position to guide and assist in product selection and troubleshooting .

Immediate availability of the product; more than 90 % of the products in the catalog is ready for delivery. The quantity of the stock is clearly visible on each product page.

High content organization and in-depth level of detail; that let '' s you to search and compare products with simplicity and speed.

Advanced Logistics; based on an information system capable of giving the customer the constant monitoring of availability of stock, and the acceptance of '' progress '' s order.

Payment solutions tailored; different payment methods , to meet the customer's needs .

Very fast delivery

We guarantee prompt delivery and efficient thanks to:

- Immediate availability of the products sold as "available " on the website teknistore.com

- A flawless logistics to ship your parcel in record time

- The choice of mode of delivery in order to receive your package according to your wishes and your needs .

The ability to watch live the treatment of '' order

Follow live the processing of your order. Just connect to your personal account under " My Account" and you're done ! We also send our customers an e- mailed statement to every action , from preparation to delivery the tracking number allowing you to follow the path of your shipment.

The promise of " Satisfaction Guaranteed "

Your purchase does not completely satisfied? You can send it back without any problems exercising your right of withdrawal.

The After Sales Service

On a selection of articles, will benefit from a one-year warranty offered by teknistore.com (this information is shown on the product page ) . In order to enable you to cope with all situations, there teknistore.com also proposes warranty extensions . Also after the purchase you can always count on our support, we have the customer is not only those who buy , but the one who continues to follow even after thanks to our reliability and availability before and after sales .