Maximum security and speed!

We arrange the shipment of the products within 48 hours after confirmation of payment. Most products take advantage of the formula "Free Shipping" so you pay only the cost of the product and the shipping is on us! The means of delivery used for the free shipping is  Singapore Air Mail. Delivery times vary and differ for each destination country and can vary from 15 to 25 working days. We offer alternative methods of shipping like DHL or EMS or other similar courier. The user can, at checkout, choose an alternative shipping method and paying an extra cost over the product, and to have delivery of the goods within 3-5 working days.

How can i know the shipping method available for the product chosen?

On the product page, under the brief description, at right of the images, is shown a picture showing the logos and the respective types of shipping available for the selected product. For further information, below there are the different types of shipping and the details of each one. You can choose the shipping method you want to step n. 4 of the order checkout. The shipping cost, apart for free shipping, is calculated based on the number of products chosen and at the weight / size of the parcel with the rates in effect at the time of order.


Free Shipping  

Some of our items are subject to free shipping. Any products with the Free Shipping sticker do not pay shipping costs, regardless of the destination or the quantity of the items. We choose the shipping method most appropriate for your destination.  Note: Shipping times range from 15 to 30 working days, please to be sure that you do not need the goods for one month from date of order. Often the tracking service (which allows you to see where your parcel in real time on the website of the shipping company) is not available for this mode of shipment.


This shipping method is the fastest available. Delivery time is between 3-5 working days to all primary destinations. The service allows the real-time tracking of the shipment, you can then monitor "live" every step of your shipment until delivery in your hands.

If the customer chooses the shipping from Shenzhen by DHL courier and lives in an area considered remote from DHL, will be required at the customer an extra-fee charge for shipping. TekniSTORE will contact the customer who will be required to bear the additional cost of shipping for delivery in remote area. To see if you belong in a remote area please click this link to contact dhl courier, but is valid for all couriers in order to gain full knowledge about your destination before purchase. TekniSTORE not invalidate orders already processed if the customer will take note of its geographical position, following the payment, the order will be processed only after payment of  extra fee shipping.

Click on Remote Area, click on Country: select your country and then enter your zip code on the wording Postal Code:

Field Village / Town / City: please leave it blank, then press the OK button on your right.

If as a result gives you: The location you have selected is not a remote area or is not a valid selection, it means that you can receive the item by courier DHL, and do not belong to a remote area.

If you see the name of your country, city and postal code, it means that you belong to the remote area.

WARNING: The free shipping is only available from our warehouse in Shenzhen! For shipments from Shenzhen there is the possibility to pay customs!



Standard Shipping Europe (No customs)  

The Europe standard shipping is shipped from one of our logistics centers in Europe and is available for all countries in the European Community. Delivery times are between 15 - 20 working days to all major destinations. This shipping method ensures that the customer does not pay any customs cost when product is delivered.




Shipping Italy*  

The shipment is processed by our Italian logistics center. Delivery times are provided on average in 4-5 working days. This shipping method, where provided, does not involve any change to the product price. 
* Shipping from Italy is only available to residents in the Italian territory.

The delivery time of each method are purely indicative as they depend on the courier. Any delay for logistic and bureaucracy check, like customs controls for export or import in the country of destination is not in any way attributable to because not dependent on our will. In case of temporary unavailability of the product during the processing of the order, the shipping time may be delayed a few days.