Camera bag GoPro


Brand: for GoPro waterproof housing
Material: neoprene
Color: purple, blue, green, yellow, pink
Weight: 25g
Size: 9*7.5*4cm

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Product Name:Neoprene Camera Bag

Fit for: diving,swimming,skiing,surfing,climbing,running, sailing,bungee jumping,skydiving,racing,etc. action sports

Tough, stretchy neoprene bag for GoPro waterproof housing

High quality of durability, water resistance, and flexibility neoprene

The tough material will resist stretching out of shape, along with water

Integrated pull tab tucks over the opening for 100 percent coverage to protect your camera

It is durable enough to be worn during vigorous activity or for prolonged periods of time

The hoop at the bag side enables to carry around your body or any item for easy carrying